Classes & Pricing

KickFIT is a fitness based kickboxing system that delivers a hard-hitting workout that will not only challenge your body, but also your mind. Get ready to experience the workout that combines the sweat dripping workout you’ve been looking for with the stress relief of hitting a bag!

KickFIT is our signature 45-minute workout while KickFIT Express is our fast paced 35-minute workout. Each workout begins with a warm-up, a stretch, bag workout incorporating punches, elbows, knees and kicks and then final drills that will leave you wanting more.


Exceed Your Expectations

  • Our kickboxing classes are your best choice for high-powered, calorie-crushing workout. Beginning with your very first class, we'll show you how to punch away the pounds and kick away the calories to achieve eye-popping results in record time!


KickFIT is our 45 minute workout which will consist of a 12 minute warm-up, 3 minute stretch and 30 minutes on the bag.



KickFIT Express is our 35 minute workout, 7 minute warm-up, 3 minute stretch and 25 minutes on the bag.



  • Call us at 203-403-3382 for pricing on our monthly and class packages!

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