+ Meet Carolyn



  • 1. What inspires you?
  • My children inspire me to be the best I can be every day. I love showing them the importance of being active and healthy, and that with hard work and perseverance, it is possible to turn a dream into reality. Watching the sunrise is another source of inspiration. This process is a visual reminder that each day is a fresh start and a chance to work harder than I did yesterday!
  • 2. What would you say to someone that wants to get motivated?
  • It’s never too late to start! If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay where you are, take that first step.
  • 3. Why is kickboxing so appealing to you?
  • There are so many aspects to continuously be working on in kickboxing, whether it’s speed, power or accuracy. Regardless of your current level, there is always that next skill to achieve. Each class can have a student on their first day and an experienced kickboxer and each one will have an amazing class!
  • 4. How long have you been involved in the martial arts?
  • I started in April 2015, the first day Lyndsay held classes at KickFit. I was instantly hooked! I’ve always had an interest in fitness, and received my personal training certification in 2001 as a hobby, but kickboxing was unlike any workout I had ever done before. After one week of KickFit classes, I set a goal on teaching classes.
  • 5. What is your….
  • Favorite Punch? Elbow Chop (Flying Elbow)
  • Favorite Kick? Skipping pushkick
  • Drill that makes you sweat? Anything continuous, whether it’s straight punches or alternating roundhouse kicks. I love those last 10 seconds where you can give it your all in both speed and power.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Curling up on the couch, with a blanket, hot cup of tea, and a new fiction book. Even better if it’s raining or snowing outside!
  • Quote you live by? “IT’S ALL GOOD!”