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  • Joining KickFit was the best thing I could have done for myself. I wake up and genuinely look forward to working out. In fact, some days I want to go twice- it's that addicting. Every day is a new work out, and the instructors- Lindsay, Hailey and Wendy- are absolutely incredible. They are all so welcoming, approachable, motivating and genuine. They truly care about their members and it shows. Each instructor has a different style, but all of their work outs leave you in a pool of sweat- it's AWESOME! I swear, I've never worked so hard for water in my life. One and a half weeks into KickFit and I can honestly say I'm already a healthier, happier, more motivated me!

    Nisha G.
  • Kickfit is amazing! I've been coming to kickfit for about 9 months now and I can't get enough of it. Lindsay is so inspiring and always pushes me to work harder than ever. Every workout is different and works your entire body. The music they play during class fits perfectly to each workout. Lindsay, Hailey, Wendy, and Carolyn are so welcoming and positive. Each instructor has a different style and I love being able to take classes with each of them! It's a great environment to workout in. So happy with my decision to be a part of kickfit!

    Shannon F.
  • Never was able to stick to a regiment before Kickfit! There are days I dread going (a hard habit to break) and then I am so pumped and feel so good when I leave. The instructors keep me motivated! I am seeing the results now too: I have way more endurance and can see a noticeable difference in my body and core strength. The classes are different each time and the people in classes, despite the age and gender differences, are so friendly and make you feel good being there (unlike some of the snobby gyms/classes.) A must try for everyone!!

    Emily S.
  • I have been taking classes under Master Lyndsay for the past two years and have loved every drop of sweat she has caused to pour out of my body! Not only is the KickFit CT program different from ANY OTHER workout program out there (you will be addicted after the first class), Master Lyndsay is simply one of the best instructors from whom you will have the pleasure learning. Her martial art credentials are absolutely "legit," but she teaches with nothing but positive reinforcement and genuine encouragement. Kickboxing may sound intimidating, but there is zero intimidation when you walk through the doors or when attending any of her classes! The workouts are always different and challenging so you are NEVER bored, but the program itself, and Master Lyndsay, manage to hide the level of difficulty with fun. The next thing you know, your body tells the story of hard you didn't realize you were actually working!! I also love that anyone, regardless of their level of fitness, can take the same class without feeling either shamed or unchallenged. Every class is modifiable, and Master Lyndsay is a pro at keeping it super intense for those in top physical condition and manageable for those just beginning. Every workout belongs to the individual. Ridgefield, and everyone who joins KickFit CT, is going to benefit beyond words. I can't wait to take classes at the new school!!

    Wendy S.


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