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Melt Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

When you take the Ridgefield KickFit classes you'll receive the most incredible, high-energy and fun fitness classes in the area. Our experienced instructors will whip you into great shape faster than you ever thought possible. In no time at all, you'll effortlessly lose your unwanted weight and you'll be sliding into your skinny jeans with room to spare!

The KickFit Fitness Kickboxing classes are your best choice for high-powered, calorie-crushing workout. Beginning with your very first class, we'll show you how to punch away the pounds and kick away the calories to achieve eye-popping results in record time!


Whether you're just starting out with KickFit classes, or whether you're already a pro, our low-impact Fitness Kickboxing classes offer you one of the quickest ways to get in shape. This program delivers a high-octane, fat-burning workout that will leave you with perfectly toned muscles that are the envy of even the best athletes! 

There's no question that you're going to love this Fitness Kickboxing program. That's because our fun, experienced instructors make each class a blast, as they get you kicking and punching with an invigorating workout like you've never had before!

When you try the Fitness Kickboxing classes at KickFit, you'll reap dozens of rewards and enjoy countless benefits from our life-changing workout! Here's just a glimpse of the benefits that await you when you enroll in this program:

  • You'll feel better than you ever have, thanks to dramatic improvements to your cardiovascular system
  • Excess fat and flab will disappear and managing your weight will be effortless
  • After just a few classes, you'll be more fit, firm and flexible than ever before
  • Your self-confidence will reach new heights as you learn self-defense
  • Your ability to concentrate and focus will astound you
  • You'll be dropping jaws with your perfectly toned body
  • Your daily stress levels will plummet


If you're ready for an exciting and energetic Fitness Kickboxing workout that will not only get you into the best shape of your life, find out more about Ridgefield Fitness Kickboxing.

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