"I very quickly became addicted to both the mental and physical challenge"

I had not done much of anything even remotely athletic for about eight years! That, in conjunction with the fact that I am only a few years away from 50 and am probably one of the least athletic people you will ever meet. Oh and completely uncoordinated too! Keeping all of this in mind I decided to give Kickfit a try because my amazing and ( ten years younger ) neighbor encouraged me to try it. Needless to say, I was quite intimidated when I first walked into the studio, not having any idea what to expect. Lyndsay walked me around and I took my first class. Yes, I almost died but..... I felt such a sense of release from hitting that bag that I was determined to go back. I very quickly became addicted to both the mental and physical challenge, that I wanted to go back again and again! After two or three times I quickly received this incredible sense of support from not only the amazing and energenic instructors but, from everyone in the classes as well. Each and every class is a mixture of both women and men who are all different ages and lots of different shapes and sizes. There is absolutely NO bodyshaming here! Everyone is welcome, everyone is encouraged to strive to do their personal best and everyone is supported equally. There is a 'vibe" at KickFIT that I truly cannot articulate to those who ask me what it is about the studio and the workout that keep me going back ( now 5-6 days a week)? I tell everyone that is not just one thing it is a combination of so many things. Each and every instructor is incredible and has there own style. Every single workout is completely different and challenges you at whatever level you are at every time. No one ever finds a session easy no matter how good of shape you are in. It is extremely hard every time!

The biggest changes that you will see in your body over time is how incredibly strong you become! You continue to become stronger and stronger each time you do it. Your body begins to change not only in the sense of losing weight but, you are strong! Every part of you is being challenged. The combinations challenge your brain too and you feel this incredible sense of accomplishment when you finish every time!

The stronger you become the more confident you feel not only about your body but, about your whole self! I encourage anyone and everyone who is thinking about KickFIT to just do it! Lyndsay and the Team are all genuinely nice, caring, supportive, strong and fierce women who will help you achieve your goals whatever they are! It is about becoming stronger not skinnier!